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Table 4 Sequence and structure similarities of cooperative miRNA modules

From: Understanding cooperativity of microRNAs via microRNA association networks

   Comparison between CMMs CMMs vs. random miRNAs
   H. sapiens M. musculus H. sapiens M. musculus
Mature form seed sequence 1.87E-01 * 2.59E-01 * 5.50E-02 * 1.18E-01 *
  mature sequence 3.67E-01 8.77E-01 8.97E-01 9.96E-01
Precursor form Sequence 6.21E-01 4.59E-01 3.52E-01 1.35E-01
  secondary structure 3.19E-08 * 1.06E-03 * < 2.2e-16* < 2.2e-16*
  1. *p < 0.005