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Table 1 Cell type specific co-occurring cofactor motifs.

From: Cell-type and transcription factor specific enrichment of transcriptional cofactor motifs in ENCODE ChIP-seq data

Cell type Co-occurring motifs (Jaspar and Uniprobe Motif ID) Total
H1-hESC MA0105.1, MA0145.1, MA0364.1, MA0375.1, MA0395.1, Zic1 secondary, Zic2 secondary, MA0154.1, MA0355.1, MA0364.1, Tcfap2b primary, Zic3 secondary 12
HeLa-S3 MA0145.1, MA0205.1, MA0375.1, MA0395.1, Zic2 secondary, Jundm2 secondary, MA0099.1, MA0272.1, MA0303.1 9
HepG2 MA0114.1, MA0017.1, MA0114.1 3
K562 MA0375.1, MA0395.1 2
  1. Listed in the table are motifs found consistently enriched within ChIP-seq peaks investigating a particular cell type independent of the TF targeted by the ChIP process.