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Table 1 Transposable elements (TEs) that contributed to the formation of ancestral Pldi-Ak158810 sequences.

From: The de novosequence origin of two long non-coding genes from an inter-genic region

TE symbol TE name Repeat Class Species with the TE
A MIR SINE mouse, rat, human, dog
B MIR SINE mouse, rat, human, dog
C Chap1_Mam DNA mouse, human
D MER91A DNA mouse, rat, human, dog
E URR1B DNA mouse, rat
F MTEb LTR mouse, rat
G MIR3 SINE mouse, rat, human
H MT2B2 LTR mouse, rat
I B1F SINE mouse, rat
J PB1D10 SINE mouse, rat
K L1MD3 LINE mouse, human, dog
  1. Only TEs in at least 2 species including mouse are listed. SINE, short interspersed nuclear elements; LINE, long interspersed nuclear elements; DNA, DNA repeat elements; LTR, long terminal repeat elements, including retroposons.