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Figure 4

From: A genome-wide association study of seed protein and oil content in soybean

Figure 4

The candidate region of the major seed protein QTL on Gm20. Plots depicting an 8.4 Mbp region of Gm20 that is suspected of harboring a candidate gene responsible for a major pleiotropic soybean seed protein/oil QTL. Panel A) depicts the 12 potential candidate genes (Glyma names) and the physical positions of the genes indicated with green vertical lines as reported by Bolon et al. [36] in the 8.4 Mbp region that, based upon the GWAS findings in this report, can be narrowed to a 2.4 Mbp region that harbors only six (yellow-highlighted) of the 12 candidate genes. The physical positions of the 12 SNPs associated with protein content are indicated with blue vertical lines. Panel B) depicts the extent of LD in this region based on r2 (in black) and Panel C) depicts LD based on the D’ (in red). Note: The original 12 gene models whose positions are shown in the 8.4 Mbp region in the top panel were differentially expressed in a pair of high vs. low seed protein soybean near-isogenic lines–see Bolon et al. [36] for additional details.

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