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Table 2 Correlation between the number of miss-called ancestry segments and deviation in ancestry

From: Using multi-way admixture mapping to elucidate TB susceptibility in the South African Coloured population

Number miss-called San Bantu Non-African
San as Bantu -0.83 +0.89 +0.05
San as non-African -0.39 +0.19 +0.43
Bantu as San +0.01 +0.09 -0.17
Bantu as non-African -0.02 +0.13 -0.21
Non-African as San +0.01 +0.06 -0.14
Non-African as Bantu -0.11 +0.24 -0.21
  1. This table summarizes the correlation between the number of ancestry miss-calls that occurred at a segment of ancestry, per each of the six possible miss-call categories, and the deviation in local ancestry of the segment. Miss-called ancestry was identified by comparing the known ancestry of a simulated data set of 1500 SAC chromosomes to the ancestry called by RFMix (chromosome 1). Deviations in ancestry were calculated by subtracting the overall mean RFMix ancestry from the local ancestry of each segment, for each of the three source ancestries (San, Bantu, non-African).