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Table 5 Source population data

From: Using multi-way admixture mapping to elucidate TB susceptibility in the South African Coloured population

Population Group Description Source Platform Size
San   Ju |’hoansi San from North Namibia Private Affymetrix 6.0 21
Bantu YRI Yoruba in Ibadan, Nigeria HapMap3 Release 2 112
Non-African CEU Utah residents with Northern and Western European ancestry, USA HapMap3 Release 2 112
  GIH Gujarati Indians from Houston, Texas, USA HapMap3 Release 2 88
  JPT + CHB Japanese in Tokyo, Japan and Han Chinese in Beijing, China HapMap3 Release 2 170
  1. Data sets used to represent the source populations of the South African Coloured population. The sample size reflects the group size after relative pairs have been removed.