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Table 1 List of transcripts associated with serine proteases and serine protease inhibitors found to be differentially expressed twenty four hours post infection with Crithidia bombi (Infected versus uninfected)

From: Differential gene expression and alternative splicing in insect immune specificity

Serine proteases Upregulated Downregulated
CLIPA6   BTT20125_1
CLIPA7   BTT07313_1, BTT31897_1
CLIPD5   BTT10579_1, BTT10912_1,
SP24 BTT03436_1  
SP27   BTT08108_1, BTT38696_1
SP35 BTT05300_1  
Serine protease Upregulated Downregulated
SPH54 BTT01977_1 BTT06125_1
Serine protease Upregulated Downregulated
NEC-like   BTT31997_1
spn4   BTT04130_1, BTT40693_1,
   BTT41025_1, BTT41461_1
SRPN10   BTT04508_1, BTT20259_1