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Table 2 List of transcripts associated with serine proteases and serine protease inhibitors found to be differentially expressed in the specificity analysis

From: Differential gene expression and alternative splicing in insect immune specificity

Serine proteases Upregulated Downregulated
cSp3 BTT35293_1 BTT10579_1, BTT10912_1, BTT18247_1, BTT25711_1
Sp18 BTT20808_1  
Sp27 BTT40251_1  
Sp28   BTT20637_1
Sp35 BTT05300_1 BTT10155_1
Sp40 BTT15256_1  
Tequilla/GRAL/Sp23 BTT01709_1, BTT05886_1, BTT09081_1, BTT20661_1, BTT20725_1, BTT24359_1, BTT25071_1  
Serine protease homologues Upregulated Downregulated
cSPH39   BTT21868_1
Sph54   BTT27769_1
Sph56 BTT17814_1  
Serine protease inhibitors Upregulated Downregulated
Kunitz ser-protease inhibitor   BTT14993_1
necrotic (nec) BTT35742_1  
Spn 4   BTT04130_1
SRPN10   BTT02607_1, BTT4508_1, BTT20259_1, BTT40693_1