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Table 3 Total number of mCs and their methylation levels [%] in dependence on nucleotide context

From: Whole genome sequencing and methylome analysis of the wild guinea pig

Library mCG mCHG mCHH
MEBS-PE_1 130,680,264 1,801,270 3,543,614
90.76% 0.79% 0.91%
MEBS-PE_2 102,257,162 1,290,501 2,858,916
90.60% 0.80% 0.93%
  1. Presence of mC depending on the immediate following nucleotides in which H represents non-G bases (H = A, T or C). The 100% reference value differs per column as percentages were calculated for mCs being part of mCGs according to the following equation: (Ʃ mCG/Ʃ (mCG + CG)) × 100 = % mCs of CGs. Accordingly, calculations were carried out for mCs being part of mCHGs and mCHHs.