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Table 3 Protein-encoding genes with a SAUT in the antisense strand

From: Transcriptome structure variability in Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains determined with a newly developed assembly software

Gene systematic name Gene standard name Gene name
YPR194C OPT2 Oligopeptide Transporter
YDL129W - -
YOR042W CUE5 Coupling of Ubiquitin conjugation to ER degradation
YOR040W GLO4 Glyoxalase
YNR002C ATO2 Ammonia (Ammonium) Transport Outward
YNL279W PRM1 Pheromone-Regulated Membrane protein
YKL151C - -
YJR129C - -
YDR242W AMD2 Amidase
YDR124W - -
YBR033W EDS1 Expression Dependent on Slt2
YML066C SMA2 Spore Membrane Assembly
YKL187C FAT3 Fatty acid transporter 3
YHR177W GON3 Regulator Of Fluffy
YGL224C SDT1 Suppressor of Disruption of TFIIS
YDR222W - -
YCR045C RRT12 Regulator of rDNA Transcription
YPL021W ECM23 ExtraCellular Mutant
YMR182C RGM1 -
YML118W NGL3 -
YLR341W SPO77 Sporulation
YKR102W FLO10 Flocculation
YGL251C HFM1 Helicase Family Member
YGL059W PKP2 Protein Kinase of PDH
YER176W ECM32 ExtraCellular Mutant
  1. Protein-encoding genes with a SAUT in the antisense strand in all the species of the Saccharomyces genus analyzed (S. cerevisiae, S. bayanus, S. paradoxus, S. mikatae).