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Table 5 DGRP datasets used in the study

From: Distinct chromatin features characterize different classes of repeat sequences in Drosophila melanogaster

Fly line Experiment ID
DGRP-313 SRR018517, SRR018518, SRR018519
DGRP-357 SRR018285, SRR018286
DGRP-358 SRR018574, SRR018575, SRR029943, SRR034277, SRR034278
DGRP-362 SRR029164, SRR029166
DGRP-365 SRR018579, SRR034281, SRR034282, SRR034283
DGRP-375 SRR018287, SRR018288, SRR018289, SRR018290, SRR018291
DGRP-379 SRR018582, SRR018583, SRR018584
DGRP-380 SRR018591, SRR018592, SRR018593
DGRP-391 SRR018292, SRR018293, SRR018294, SRR060098
DGRP-399 SRR018295, SRR018296, SRR018297