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Table 2 Antioxidant DEGs up- and down-regulated

From: Early transcriptional changes in the reef-building coral Acropora aspera in response to thermal and nutrient stress

Antioxidant enzymes DEGs in STE DEGs in LTE DEGs in N
(Gene Accession No.) (Gene Accession No.) (Gene Accession No.)
Superoxide dismutase UP (O73872; Q8HXQ3; Q8HXQ4; P04178; Q8HXQ0) 0 UP (O73872; Q8HXQ3; Q8HXQ4; O46412; Q0IIW3; P80174; P80566)
Catalase UP (O62839; Q9PWF7; P17336; Q9PT92; Q27487; Q9XZD5; P04040; O93662; Q64405; O77229; Q2I6W4; P00432; P90682) 0 UP (Q9PWF7; O62839; Q4AEI3; P22079; Q98234)
Peroxidase UP (P82600; Q9VEG6; P05164; P22079) UP (Q9VEG6; P82600) UP (P82600; Q4AEI0; Q9VEG6)
Peroxiredoxin UP (Q8T6C4; Q63716; Q9GLW9; Q9BGI1) DOWN(Q9V3P0; P34227; O35244; Q9Z0V5) UP (Q9Z0V5)
DOWN (Q90384; Q9V3P0; P34227; Q6DV14)
Glutathione S-transferase UP (Q9N1F5; Q3T100) 0 UP (Q3T100)
Thioredoxin UP (P20108; Q99MD6; Q5NVA2; Q9NNW7) DOWN (P83877) DOWN (Q99MD6; O89049; P91938; B9A1H3; Q86VQ6)
  1. A list of antioxidant DEGs up- and down-regulated by STE, LTE and N treatments including their Gene accession Numbers in the reef building coral A. aspera. Only DEGs containing 10 or more DERs are included.