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Table 4 Enrichment of GO Terms (FDR < 0.10) of DE upregulated genes in the thiamethoxam VC-V2, VC-V4, and V2-V2 comparisons

From: Transcriptional response of soybean to thiamethoxam seed treatment in the presence and absence of drought stress

a. Thiamethoxam VC-V2
GO ID GO description Gene ID Gene name Fold change
Cellular components and photosynthetic-related processes    
GO:0009534 Chloroplast thylakoid Glyma04g22110 Photosystem I protein 16.3
GO:0009579 Thylakoid Glyma01g07130 Cytochrome b 3.0
GO:0015979 Photosynthesis Glyma12g36140 Cytochrome b559 2.8
GO:0022900 Oxidation-reduction process Glyma15g12130 Cytochrome b 2.8
GO:0022900 Electron transport chain    
GO:0031976 Plastid thylakoid    
GO:0034357 Photosynthetic membrane    
GO:0042651 Thylakoid membrane    
GO:0044436 Thylakoid part    
b. Thiamethoxam VC-V4
GO ID GO description Gene ID Gene name Fold change
Biological processes related to carbohydrate synthesis   
GO:0005975 Carbohydrate metabolic process Glyma19g41100 Nucleotidyltransferase 6.1
GO:0006073 Cellular glucan metabolic process Glyma06g13480 Glycosyltransferases 5.0
GO:0044042 Glucan metabolic process Glyma15g43040 Cellulose synthase 3.3
GO:0044262 Cellular carbohydrate metabolic process Glyma15g15820 Galactosyltransferase 3.2
GO:0044264 Cellular polysaccharide metabolic process Glyma04g07220 Cellulose synthase 2.8
   Glyma02g47460 Nucleotidyltransferase 2.8
   Glyma06g03340 Nucleotidyltransferase 2.3
   Glyma12g36570 Cellulose synthase 2.0
Biological processes related to cell wall development    
GO:0005618 Cell wall Glyma06g05290 Glycosyl hydrolase family 10 6.2
GO:0010383 Cell wall polysaccharide metabolic process Glyma04g05220 Glycosyl hydrolase family 10 5.8
GO:0044036 Cell wall macromolecule metabolic process Glyma14g02070 Glycerophosphoryl diester phosphodiesterase 2.1
GO:0071554 Cell wall organization or biogenesis    
c. Thiamethoxam V2-V4
GO ID GO description Gene ID Gene name Fold change
Cellular components related to cell membrane    
GO:0012505 Endomembrane system Glyma11g01230 Leucine rich repeat/protein tyrosine kinase 3.0
GO:0016021 Integral to membrane Glyma09g28190 Cellulose synthase 2.4
GO:0031224 Intrinsic to membrane Glyma08g34790 Leucine rich repeat/protein tyrosine kinase 2.1
GO:0044425 Membrane part Glyma20g05530 HMG-CoA 2.1
Biological processes related membrane organization and lipid metabolism   
GO:0004630 Phospholipase D activity Glyma07g01310 Phospholipase D 3.2
GO:0006629 Lipid metabolic process Glyma07g11580 Methyltransferase 2.8
GO:0042439 Ethanolamine-containing compound metabolic process Glyma07g03490 Phospholipase D 2.6
GO:0046470 Phosphatidylcholine metabolic process Glyma08g22600 Phospholipase D 2.3
   Glyma11g08640 Phospholipase D 2.2
  1. These DE genes were present only in the three thiamethoxam-treated comparisons. Condensed list contains responsive genes possibly associated with the thiamethoxam seed treatment. The genes listed were in common among the GO IDs. Fold change is relative to soybean development (e.g., the earlier vegetative stage).