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Table 5 DE downregulated genes in the thiamethoxam VC-V2, VC-V4, and V2-V4 comparisons

From: Transcriptional response of soybean to thiamethoxam seed treatment in the presence and absence of drought stress

Gene ID Gene name Fold change
Glyma15g05580 Cytochrome P450 -2.6
Glyma03g29790 Cytochrome P450 -25.8
Glyma13g03790 Lipoxygenase (JA-associated) -41.7
Glyma18g44320 Peroxidase -72.7
Glyma13g20170 Peroxidase -301.6
Glyma05g28610 Chalcone and stilbene synthases (JA-associated) -3.3
Glyma13g24200 Cytochrome P450 -5.4
Glyma03g29790 Cytochrome P450 -15.4
Glyma19g42940 Cytochrome P450 -17.8
Glyma05g26080 2OG-Fe(II) oxygenase (JA- and GA-associated) -24.0
Glyma13g20170 Peroxidase -173.5
Glyma04g40000 RlpA-like double-psi beta-barrel (GA-associated) -2.5
Glyma19g01470 cytochrome P450 -2.6
Glyma15g17620 Peroxidase -6.3
Glyma08g43890 Peroxidase/oxygenase (JA-associated) -11.6
  1. The genes presented were associated with phytohormones and oxidative stress response and unique to the thiamethoxam treatment.