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Figure 3

From: Genomic characterisation of an endometrial pathogenic Escherichia coli strain reveals the acquisition of genetic elements associated with extra-intestinal pathogenicity

Figure 3

The percentage genomic association with the ExPEC group compared with the phylogroup B1 group in a range of phylogroup B1 genomes. On average, 3.9% of a phylogroup B1 genome contains DNA which is more frequently found in ExPECs (dotted line). By contrast, 5.8% of the MS499 genome (highlighted) is more frequently found in ExPECs - a 33% increase on the average. Isolates which have been recovered from intestinal sites are coloured blue, while those which have been recovered from extra-intestinal sites are coloured red (isolates where the source is unknown are black). Isolates belonging to ST453 are annotated with a black circle next to the name. This detail shows that all the identified ST453 strains contain more than the average quantity of ExPEC-associated DNA that is typical for phylogroup B1 genomes.

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