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Figure 4

From: Genomic characterisation of an endometrial pathogenic Escherichia coli strain reveals the acquisition of genetic elements associated with extra-intestinal pathogenicity

Figure 4

A comparison of the relative abundance of biological process Gene Ontology classifications (a) and subcellular localisation predictions (b) for the MS499 non-ExPEC genome (blue) versus the MS499 ExPEC-associated genome (red). These data show that the ExPEC-associated DNA in MS499 disproportionately carries genes related to several processes which may be important for its ExPEC lifestyle, including (a) genes related to biological adhesion and the coordination of populations (multi-organism process) as well as (b) genes directed to the outer membrane of extracellular space. In total, GO annotations were recoverable for 3663 genes. Statistical significance, annotated by an asterisk on the over-represented side, was determined by Fisher’s exact test (p = < 0.05).

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