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Table 2 Polycistronic transcripts as identified by the RNA-seq assembly

From: RNA-Seq profile of flavescence dorée phytoplasma in grapevine

Number of genes in operon Gene 1 Gene 2 Gene 3
2 fba-flado_0482_0037 Cof-flado_0482_0038  
2 pdhB-flado_8220_0009 Ctg8220_0011015_0011245_f2-flado_8220_0010  
3 grpE-flado_0031_0008 dnaK-flado_0031_0007 dnaJ-flado_0031_0006
2 Ctg8084_0025861_0026808_r1-flado_8084_0018 mnmE-flado_8084_0017  
3 rpsG-flado_6343_0020 fusA-flado_6343_0021 tuf-flado_6343_0022
2 tdk-flado_6333_0005 tadA-flado_6333_0004  
2 trmD-flado_0314_2012 rplS-flado_0314_0009  
2 hup-flado_0234_0030 rpmG-flado_0234_0031  
  1. Genes are reported in order, starting from the 5′ of the polycistronic transcript.