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Table 3 The top 20 highly expressed FD genes during V. vinifera infection

From: RNA-Seq profile of flavescence dorée phytoplasma in grapevine

locus ID Description RPK (mean)
Contig12 Group II catalytic intron 2749.2
Ctg0426_0019664_0020134_f2_flado_0426_0012 Imp 889.1
Ctg0234_0028748_0029098_f2_flado_0234_0025 Hypothetical protein with cold-shock binding domain 548.8
Ctg0482_0000001_0000355_r3_flado_0482_0001 Hypothetical protein with 1 TMD + SP 460.8
rplP-flado_0067_0029 50S ribosomal subunit protein L16 95.6
tuf-flado_6343_0022 Elongation factor EF-Tu 95.6
Contig6 Bacterial Rnase P class B 80.3
Ctg7221_0018383_0018643_r1_flado_7221_0014 Hypothetical protein with 1 TMD + SP 54.7
Ctg5304_0020454_0020660_f3_flado_5304_0019 Hypothetical protein with 1 TMD 48.6
vmpA-flado_0482_0026 Variable membrane protein A 48.3
Ctg7221_0002401_0002754_f1_flado_7221_0002 Hypothetical protein with 1 TMD + SP 47.9
rpsU-flado_5304_0006 30S ribosomal subunit protein S21 46.0
rplV-flado_0067_0031 50S ribosomal subunit protein L22 43.9
rpsK-flado_0067_0011 30S ribosomal subunit protein S11 41.8
Ctg0314_0004067_0004231_f2_flado_0314_0005 Hypothetical protein 41.7
groL-flado_0426_0003 Chaperonin GroEL 40.3
rplN-flado_0067_0026 50S ribosomal subunit protein L14 37.1
rpsM-flado_0067_0012 30S ribosomal subunit protein S13 37.1
fusA-flado_6343_0021 Elongation factor EF-G 34.5
rplB-flado_0067_0033 50S ribosomal subunit protein L2 33.4
  1. Transcription levels are expressed as the mean of RPK (reads per kilobase of transcript) values obtained in the two expression libraries. The first column (locus ID) reported the IDs of the annotated FD92 genes, with the only exception of contig12, which was obtained in this study. A brief gene description and the mean of reads per kilobase of transcript (RPK) are also reported. TMD = transmembrane domain predicted by TMHMM; SP = signal peptide predicted by SignalP-HMM v. 3.