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Table 1 Categories provided with categorizer

From: Categorizer: a tool to categorize genes into user-defined biological groups based on semantic similarity

Groups Categories
Biological processes Cell cycle, Cytoskeleton, Metabolism, Transcription, Translation, Protein folding, Proteolysis, Signaling, RNA processing, Splicing, Transmembrane transport, Intracellular localization, Protein transport, Nuclear transport, Vesicles, Golgi/ER, Mitochondria, Endo- and exo-cytosis, Lysosome, Peroxisome, Ribosomes, Phagocytosis/phagosome, Autophagy, Apoptosis, DNA repair, DNA replication, Receptors
Cellular localization Cytoplasm, Mitochondria, Golgi, Nucleus, Cytoskeleton, Vesicle/Lysosome, ER, Extracellular
Enzyme functions Hydrolase, Isomerase, Ligase, Lyase, Oxidoreductase, Transferase