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Table 1 Description of the samples sequenced on the SOLiD 4 platform

From: RNA-Seq gene expression profiling of HepG2 cells: the influence of experimental factors and comparison with liver tissue

Biological object Source, date of cultivation and sequencing [ID of the readset group]: [IDs of readsets] Sample preparation protocol Publication and SRA reference
HepG2 cell line IBMC, 2013 HI: HI1, HI2, HI3 M previously unpublished, SRR1047450
HepG2 cell line RIPCM, 2011 HR: HR_m M previously unpublished, SRR1254936
HepG2 cell line RIPCM, 2011 HR: HR_c C [6], SRR547993
Liver tissue IBMC, 2012 L: L1, L2 M [7], SRR830334