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Table 3 Summary of the EST-SSRs that were identified in the transcriptome

From: De novo assembly of the desert tree Haloxylon ammodendron (C. A. Mey.) based on RNA-Seq data provides insight into drought response, gene discovery and marker identification

Search item Number
Total number of examined unigenes 79,918
Total size of examined sequences (bp) 58,206,305
Total number of identified EST-SSRs 17,310
Number of EST-SSRs containing sequences 13,840
Number of sequences containing more than one EST-SSR 2101
Mononucleotide 10,630
Dinucleotide 2316
Trinucleotide 3969
Tetranucleotide 351
Pentanucleotide 23
Hexanucleotide 21