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Table 2 Gene ontology enrichment analysis on the transcriptomes of FW vs SW 1 h in medaka intestine (p < 0.05)

From: Discovery of osmotic sensitive transcription factors in fish intestine via a transcriptomic approach

  Biological process   Molecular function   Cellular component  
Rank Annotation p-value Annotation p-value Annotation p-value
1 protein phosphorylation 1.90E-10 protein binding 8.60E-13 integrin complex 1.60E-03
2 regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent 1.10E-08 protein tyrosine kinase activity 8.10E-08 extra cellular region 7.50E-03
3 cell adhesion 4.20E-05 protein serine/threonine kinase activity 1.70E-05 Cytoskeleton 8.60E-03
4 regulation of small GTPase mediated signal transduction 2.20E-04 actin binding 4.20E-05 proteinaceous extracellur matri 2.30E-02
5 signal transduction 2.20E-04 sequence-specific DNA binding transcripttion factor activity 5.30E-05   
6 integrin-mediated signaling pathway 1.01E-03 guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor activity 5.70E-04   
7 intracellular signal transduction 1.72E-03 phospholipid binding 1.35E-03   
8 glucose metabolic process 1.94E-03 sequence-specific DNA binding 2.12E-03   
9 cytokine-mediated signaling pathway 2.27E-03 non-membrane spanning protein tyrosine kinase activity 2.69E-03   
10 peptidy I-tyrosine dephosphorylation 2.43E-03 cytokine receptor activity 2.69E-03   
11 cell cycle arrest 4.30E-03 ATP binding 3.86E-03   
12 multicellular organismal development 5.18E-03 G-protein coupled peptide receptor activity 3.90E-03   
13 G-protein coupled receptor signaling pathway 5.90E-03 protein domain specific binding 4.53E-03   
14 neurotransmitter transport 9.35E-03 MAP kinase activity 5.07E-03   
15 intracellular protein kinase cascade 1.75E-02 protien tyrosine/serine/threonine phosphatase activity 5.98E-03   
16 MAPK cascade 1.79E-02 receptor activity 6.97E-03   
17 transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine kinase signaling pat… 1.93E-02 calcium ion binding 7.11E-03   
18 positive regulation of GTPase activity 2.71E-02 protein tyrosine phosphatase activity 1.02E-02   
19 regulation of cellular component biogenesis 2.71E-02 transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine kinase activity 1.62E-02   
20 hormophilic cell adhesion 3.446E-02 GTPase activator activity 1.76E-02   
21 regulation of ARF protein signal transduction 3.48E-10 neurotransmitter: sodium symporter activity 2.08E-02   
22 regulation of cellular component organization 3.48E-02 small GTPase regulator activity 2.20E-02   
23 cell-matrix adhesion 4.77E-02 calmodulin binding 2.65E-03   
24 polyol metabolic process 4.88E-02 organic acid transmembrane transporter activity 2.89E-02   
25    ubiquitin protein ligase activity 2.99E-02   
26    protein complex binding 3.27E-02   
27    phosphotransferase activity, alcohol group as acceptor 3.67E-02   
28    ARF guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor activity 3.92E-02   
29    signal transducer activity 4.66E-02   
30    kinase activity 4.79E-02