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Table 1 Genes differentially regulated in A. gossypii during the production of recombinant EGI (FDR of 4.4%)

From: Investigation of protein secretion and secretion stress in Ashbya gossypii

  A. gossypiigene S. cerevisiaehomolog(s) Predicted protein function Biological processes
Up-regulated AAR030W CTR1 High-affinity copper transporter Amino acid transport
  AAR080W No homolog Unknown  
  ADL123C PHO4 Transcription factor that activates transcription cooperatively with Pho2p in response to phosphate limitation  
  ADL153W RRI2 Subunit of the COP9 signalosome complex  
  ADR080W FRE1 Ferric reductase and cupric reductase Iron transmembrane transport
  AEL294C FTR1 High-affinity iron permease  
  AER428W OM45 Major constituent of the mitochondrial outer membrane  
  AFL135W YMR181C, YPL229W Unknown  
  AFR156W PUT4 High-affinity proline permease Transmembrane transport
  AFR442C PHO84 High-affinity inorganic phosphate transporter and low-affinity manganese transporter  
  AFR529W SUC2 Invertase  
  AFR595W MCH1 Protein with similarity to mammalian monocarboxylate permeases  
  AFR668W CAN1, ALP1 Plasma membrane arginine permease Ion transport
  AFR739C No homolog Unknown  
  AGL097C ENA2, ENA5, ENA1 P-type ATPase sodium pump, involved in Na+ and Li+ efflux to allow salt tolerance  
  AGR304W MTH1, STD1 Protein involved in the control of glucose-regulated gene expression  
Down-regulated ABL065W RPG1 Subunit of the core complex of translation initiation factor 3 (eIF3) Regulation of translation
  ABL174C SSB2, SSB1 Cytoplasmic ATPase that is a ribosome-associated molecular chaperone; may be involved in the folding of newly-synthesized polypeptide chains; member of the HSP70 family Posttranscriptional regulation of gene expression
  AEL032W GCN20 Positive regulator of the Gcn2 kinase activity Regulation of cellular protein metabolic process
  AER366W FLX1 Protein required for transport of FAD across the mitochondrial membrane Regulation of translational elongation
  AGR261W RPS28B, RPS28A Protein component of the small ribosomal subunit  
  1. The corresponding S. cerevisiae homologs are indicated, as well as the predicted functions. The biological processes enriched (p < 0.01) in the up- and down-regulated gene clusters are also indicated.