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Table 2 Abundance of the five main classes of satellite DNA

From: The draft genome of the pest tephritid fruit fly Bactrocera tryoni: resources for the genomic analysis of hybridising species

  B. tryoni B. neohumeralis B. jarvisi
Satellite Canonical elements Variable elements Total Mbp Variable elements Variable elements
Btry_Sat1 (166 bp) 68350 250000 41.5 195000 225000
Btry_Sat263 (182 bp) 19682 50000 9.1 37500 111000
Btry_Sat274 (177 bp) 12974 47000 8.3 39800 9500
Btry_Sat2169 (154 bp) 3332 17500 2.7 13000 11000
Btry_Sat2877 (174 bp) 4374 5000 0.9 29000 30000
  1. The Variable Elements count refers the total numbers of elements that vary from the canonical sequence by a single nucleotide substitution, insertion or deletion. Total Mbp is the total length of sequence of that satellite per genome calculated by multiplying the length of the element by the number of variable elements. For B. neohumeralis and B. jarvisi only the number of variable elements is shown since the genome size was not estimated.