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Table 4 Up-regulated differentially expressed genes (DEGs) annotated as transcription factors (TFs)

From: Fine mapping of Rcr1 and analyses of its effect on transcriptome patterns during infection by Plasmodiophora brassicae

TF annotations Log2-fold change Gene ID
WRKY domain containing 1.0 ~ 7.8 Bra008454, Bra014693, Bra013708, Bra000202, Bra009734, Bra016975, Bra005104, Bra003588, Bra019123, Bra020814, Bra023983, Bra011299, Bra008435, Bra020628, Bra016535, Bra026467, Bra040926, Bra013584
MYB domain containing 1.1 ~ 4.4 Bra025681, Bra006977, Bra029349, Bra037837, Bra039067, Bra027389, Bra030812, Bra040274, Bra029553, Bra008539, Bra015939, Bra029582, Bra013000, Bra008131, Bra001202
Ethylene-responsive 1.0 ~ 3.0 Bra031903, Bra017235, Bra028703, Bra034249, Bra012345, Bra029302, Bra026280, Bra023748, Bra028291, Bra017656
Bhlh domain containing 1.1 ~ 3.5 Bra024115, Bra011152, Bra027501, Bra033690, Bra000291, Bra036640, Bra039926, Bra035639, Bra011790, Bra001168, Bra010467, Bra037887, Bra018461, Bra004532, Bra030208
AP2/ERF family 1.0 ~ 3.8 Bra037794, Bra029147, Bra035919, Bra019087, Bra027612, Bra007975, Bra028009, Bra016518, Bra017879, Bra027002, Bra032665, Bra030255, Bra011002
Heat stress 1.0 ~ 2.2 Bra000557, Bra000235, Bra012829, Bra007739, Bra008593, Bra012828
Other 1.1 ~ 7.6 Bra036071, Bra001648, Bra022189 Bra031691, Bra005688, Bra019154, Bra008113, Bra012500, Bra025398, Bra001290, Bra036483, Bra016389, Bra012887, Bra007869, Bra015582