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Table 5 Down-regulated differentially expressed genes (DEGs) annotated as transcription factors (TFs)

From: Fine mapping of Rcr1 and analyses of its effect on transcriptome patterns during infection by Plasmodiophora brassicae

TF annotations Log2-fold change Gene ID
WRKY domain containing −1.0 ~ −2.3 Bra027480, Bra004864, Bra020546, Bra031900, Bra030273, Bra006178, Bra032340, Bra030178
MYB domain containing −1.0 ~ −4.6 Bra002107, Bra033291, Bra036412, Bra036202, Bra001311, Bra038774
Ethylene-responsive ~ − 1.3 Bra036360, Bra002168
Bhlh domain containing −1.1 ~ −2.0 Bra031852, Bra017024, Bra040856, Bra007228, Bra008716
AP2/ERF family −1.0 ~ −3.5 Bra011782, Bra015478, Bra026949, Bra004878, Bra036536, Bra009824, Bra028690, Bra008460
Heat stress n/a n/a
Other   Bra010225, Bra010287, Bra003483, Bra014478, Bra005777, Bra032727, Bra011190, Bra018027, Bra002595, Bra002004, Bra005396, Bra030783, Bra036854, Bra000301, Bra015960, Bra028824, Bra007727, Bra039127, Bra010875, Bra029778, Bra035077, Bra012583, Bra014657, Bra001032, Bra022968, Bra022225, Bra031302, Bra014971