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Table 4 Alignment statistics of the NPC data

From: Are special read alignment strategies necessary and cost-effective when handling sequencing reads from patient-derived tumor xenografts?

Mapping strategy Reference Mapped reads Unmapped reads
Direct hg19 2,399,396,153 111,814,507
  mm10* 6,121,700 2,505,088,960
Filtering hg19** 2,392,763,986 111,689,642
Combined hg19 2,340,660,573 170,203,874
  mm10 346,213  
Direct hg19 1,786,870,566 768,689,454
  mm10* 681,133,817 1,874,426,203
Filtering hg19** 1,768,136,467 85,616,069
Combined hg19 1,784,069,633 95,357,988
  mm10 676,132,399
  1. *For comparison, we also aligned all reads to the mouse reference.
  2. **These are the numbers of reads aligned to the human reference after discarding those aligned to the mouse reference.