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Figure 1

From: A hyper-dynamic nature of bivalent promoter states underlies coordinated developmental gene expression modules

Figure 1

Coordinated gene expression modules during adipogenic differentiation. (A) Principal component analysis of differentially expressed genes. (B) Fold change in expression level of each gene plotted against its P-value (expressed in -log10 FPKM). Significance: fold change > 2; α < 0.05. (C) Square coefficient of variance (CV2) of expression as a function of expression level (log FPKM) at each differentiation time point. (D) RNA-seq profiles of inducers and repressors of PPARG expression. Scales (FPKM): KLF15, 0-25; KLF5, 0-10; CEBPA, CEBPB, SREBF1, KLF2: 0-50, GATA2: 0-50, PPARG, 0-250. (E) Hierarchical clustering of genes into 19 expression modules throughout differentiation. Each line represents one transcript. Numbers of genes in each cluster are shown. FPKM scales are constant for each cluster.

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