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Figure 5

From: A hyper-dynamic nature of bivalent promoter states underlies coordinated developmental gene expression modules

Figure 5

Bivalent promoter states are the most dynamic during differentiation. (A) Significance level of chromatin state change in all clusters during differentiation. (B) Browser views of chromatin state stability (cs5, 12, 13; top panel, stars) and dynamics (cs9, bottom panel, stars) throughout differentiation. Note the acquisition of cs9 (H3K4me2/H3K27me3) on the SORT1 promoter on D0. RNA-seq profiles are also shown (scale: 0-200 FKPM). Window sizes shown: top, 8 kb; bottom, 6 kb. (C) Chromatin state enrichment profiles during adipogenic differentiation, illustrating the low and high dynamics of cs5 (left) and cs9 (right), respectively, for genes in the various clusters shown.

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