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Figure 5

From: Transcriptional markers of sub-optimal nutrition in developing Apis mellifera nurse workers

Figure 5

The core set of biological process impacted by diet. For transcripts that differed with diet, Venn Diagrams were constructed using the biological process gene ontology (GO) terms presented by Ament et al. [19], that were associated with the orthologues found in the present study for the 8d old bees only, and the BeeBase IDs presented by Alaux et al. [18]. Terms that were up-regulated in bees fed pollen are presented in panel A. Terms that were up-regulated in starved bees are presented in panel B. The superscript A indicates that diet-associated genes were identified in the abdominal carcasses for both nurses and foragers in Ament et al. [19], and the superscript B indicates that the entire abdomen (including the digestive tract) was utilized in Alaux et al. [18]. The data shown from the present study represent terms that were differentially expressed in abdominal carcasses of 8d old bees. 3d old bees were not included in the analysis.

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