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Table 3 Biological process (BP) terms and annotation clusters down-regulated in pollen deprived bees at 3d and 8d

From: Transcriptional markers of sub-optimal nutrition in developing Apis mellifera nurse workers

BP term or cluster Description N X 2 adj A OrthologuesB
GO:0007155 Cell adhesion (BP)C 6 <0.0001 FBgn0034660, FBgn0000547, FBgn0031879, FBgn0000464, FBgn0000117, FBgn0026562
GO:0007155, GO:0008360 Cell adhesion (BP)C, regulation of cell shape (BP)C 3 <0.0001 FBgn0000547, FBgn0000464, FBgn0000117
GO:0007391 Dorsal closure (BP)C 3 0.0037 FBgn0000299, FBgn0000547, FBgn0000117
GO:0046331 Lateral inhibition (BP)C 4 0.0059 FBgn0010473, FBgn0000547, FBgn0243514, FBgn0053196
IPR002172 Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) receptor class A repeat 3 <0.0001 FBgn0031879, FBgn0053196, FBgn0261341
IPR013032 EGF-like region, conserved site 5 <0.0001 FBgn0003137, FBgn0026403, FBgn0031879, FBgn0243514, FBgn0053196
GO:0005509 Calcium ion binding (MF) 7 <0.0001 FBgn0026403, FBgn0031879, FBgn0000079, FBgn0031464, FBgn0037963, FBgn0053196, FBgn0026562
IPR003599, IPR007110 Immunoglobulin subtype, Immunoglobulin-like 6 6 <0.0001 FBgn0003137, FBgn0010473, FBgn0000547, FBgn0005666, FBgn0000464, FBgn0004369
IPR003599, IPR007110, IPR003961, IPR008957 Immunoglobulin subtype, Immunoglobulin-like, Fibronectin, type III, Fibronectin type III domain 5 <0.0001 FBgn0010473, FBgn0000547, FBgn0005666, FBgn0000464, FBgn0004369
IPR001660, IPR010993, IPR011510, IPR021129 Sterile alpha motif domain, Sterile alpha motif homology, Sterile alpha motif, type 2, Sterile alpha motif, type 1 3 <0.0001 FBgn0000182, FBgn0031762, FBgn0039075
IPR018247 EF-Hand 1, calcium-binding site 3 0.0019 FBgn0031464, FBgn0013809, FBgn0026562
GO:0004867 Serine-type endopeptidase inhibitor activity (MF) 3 <0.0001 FBgn0003137, FBgn0026721, FBgn0053196
GO:0006030, GO:0008061, IPR002557 Chitin metabolic process (BP)C, chitin binding (MF), Chitin binding domain 3 <0.0001 FBgn0027600, FBgn0051973, FBgn0261341
IPR017853 Glycoside hydrolase, superfamily 3 <0.0001 FBgn0053080, FBgn0000079, FBgn0026415
GO:0030036 Actin cytoskeleton organizationD 2 0.0080 FBgn0000182, FBgn0085447
GO:0006470 Protein dephosphorylationD 2 0.0242 FBgn0000464, FBgn0004369
GO:0007498 Mesoderm developmentD 2 0.0130 FBgn0005666, FBgn0026562
GO:0008045 Motor axon guidanceD 2 0.0013 FBgn0000464, FBgn0004369
GO:0005975 Carbohydrate metabolic processD 2 0.0008 FBgn0053080, FBgn0000079
GO:0007414 Axonal defasciculationD 2 <0.0001 FBgn0010473, FBgn0004369
GO:0007156 Homophilic cell adhesionD 2 0.0001 FBgn0000547, FBgn0037963
GO:0006979 Response to oxidative stressD 2 0.0033 FBgn0031464, FBgn0036756
GO:0016337 Cell-cell adhesionD 2 <0.0001 FBgn0000547, FBgn0000117
  1. AX2adj refers to the significance of the Fisher’s exact test with a Benjamini-Hochberg correction for multiple comparisons.
  2. BOrthologues correspond to those pictured in Figure 2B (left panel) and represent Drosophila melanogaster genes that are listed in FlyBase.
  3. CTerms that were significant BP terms and were part of a significant gene annotation cluster.
  4. DTerms that represented significant BP terms but did not form a significant gene annotation cluster.