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Table 5 Biological process (BP) terms down-regulated with age only in bees fed the rich diet

From: Transcriptional markers of sub-optimal nutrition in developing Apis mellifera nurse workers

BP term Description N Χ 2 adj A OrthologuesB
GO:0007424 Open tracheal system development 2 <0.0001 FBgn0260653, FBgn0261341
GO:0006030 Chitin metabolic process 3 <0.0001 FBgn0051973, FBgn0260653, FBgn0261341
GO:0035159 Regulation of tube length, open tracheal system 2 <0.0001 FBgn0260653, FBgn0261341
  1. AX2adj refers to the significance of the Fisher’s exact test with a Benjamini-Hochberg correction for multiple comparisons.
  2. BOrthologues correspond to those pictured in Figure 3B (left panel) and represent Drosophila melanogaster genes that are listed in FlyBase.