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Table 2 Selection of homologous gene pairs in which the homologs of T. hassleriana are expressed in the flower and the A. thaliana homolog expression is absent from the flower

From: Analysis of the floral transcriptome of Tarenaya hassleriana (Cleomaceae), a member of the sister group to the Brassicaceae: towards understanding the base of morphological diversity in Brassicales

Gene abbreviation Process/protein family GO ID T. hassleriana TSE (RPKM) Expression in A. thaliana
Anthocyanin accumulation
PGP10 multidrug pheromone mdr abc transporter family GO:0043481 63.79 Mature pollen
Cell growth
TTFP tyrosine transaminase family protein GO:0001560 194.20 Root
ARP2 actin-related protein 2-like GO:0009825 28.21 Senescent leaf, cauline leaf, buds, flower, inflorescence shoot apex
HB-2 homeodomain-leucine zipper protein GO:0009826 28.07 Young leaf, mature leaf, cauline leaf, senescent leaf, pedicel, seed (torpedo stage embryo)
LRX2 leucine-rich repeat extensin-like protein 1 GO:0009826 22.97 Young leaf, pollen, seed (cotyledon stage embryo)
PLLSP pectate lyase family protein GO:0042547 12.85 Young leaf petiole, mature leaf (distal end), seed (curled cotyledon stage embryo)
Flower development
ICMTA protein-s-isoprenylcysteine o-methyltransferase a GO:0009908 37,04 Young leaf, cauline leaf, senescent leaf, young silique, seed (heart and torpedo stage embryo)
SBP3 selenium-binding protein GO:0048573 24,26 Imbibed seed
BTB/POZ P BTB/POZ domain-containing protein GO:0048439 12,55 Petals stamens
TEM2 ap2 erf and b3 domain-containing transcription factor rav2 GO:0009910 12,28 Cotyledon, young leaf, senescent leaf
JAL33 jacalin-like lectin domain-containing protein GO:0009793 302,33 Root, hypocotyl
MTSP2 caffeoyl- o-methyltransferase GO:0048316 47,03 Seed (curled cotyledon, green cotyledon embryo stage), dry seed
MTSP1 s-adenosyl-l-methionine-dependent methyltransferase-like protein GO:0010089 40,59 Seed (walking stick, curled cotyledon, green cotyledon embryo stage)
LRRTPKP lrr receptor-like serine threonine-protein kinase rch1-like GO:0048443 15,26 Root, seed (torpedo stage embryo), imbibed seed
CYP705A27 cytochrome p450 GO:0048589 11,86 Root, seed (cotyledon embryo stage), dry seed
EMB2271 u3 small nucleolar rna-interacting protein 2-like GO:0009553 11,81 Stamen
CYP705A cytochrome p450 GO:0048589 11,54 Root
GLUDOXRP glutaredoxin-related protein GO:0048653 7,40 Pollen, seed (walking stick, curled cotyledon, green cotyledon stage embryo)
LRRRPK receptor-like protein kinase 2-like GO:0048443 3,50 Imbibed seed, root