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Table 1 Total number of single dose (SD), double dose (DD), triple dose (TD) and bi-parental SD markers (3:1 markers) scored in the parents of the mapping population

From: A comprehensive genetic map of sugarcane that provides enhanced map coverage and integrates high-throughput Diversity Array Technology (DArT) markers

  sugarcane cultivar (hybrid) S. officinarum
  Q165 IJ76-514
Chromosome no. 110 80
Number of markers 3182 1168
Number of SD markers 2467 529
Number of DD markers 486 444
Number of TD markers 17 1
Number of 3:1 markers 256  
Total number of LG 160 661
No. of SD markers in map 2267 -
  1. 1The addition of DArT markers did not provide the same magnitude of improvement to the IJ76-514 linkage map and the data is not shown