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Table 1 Analyses of variance for relative net root growth and for net root growth in nutrient solution without Al in the recombinant inbred lines population

From: Genetic dissection of Al tolerance QTLs in the maize genome by high density SNP scan

Source of variation DF MS
Genotypes 117 562.80** 864.00**
Residual 118 36.13 67.30
Total 235   
Coefficient of experimental variation (CVe%) 10.31 8.27
Coefficient of genetic variation (CVg%) 27.84 20.12
Heritability 0.94 0.92
CVg/CVe 2.70 2.43
  1. Relative net root growth: RNRG; Net root growth in nutrient solution without Al: NRG_c.
  2. DF: degrees of freedom; MS: mean square; **significant at p < 0.01.