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Table 5 Illumina sequencing data and assembly statistics of the draft genome

From: A genomic perspective on a new bacterial genus and species from the Alcaligenaceae family, Basilea psittacipulmonis

Number of reads 18596374
Read length 36
Average pairing distance (standard deviation) 117.8 (10.3)
Number of contigs 195
Average contig size 9.9 Kbp
N50 41.6 Kbp
Max contig size 99 Kbp
Total size* 1.93 Mb
Raw coverage 347×
RAST predicted coding sequences 1664
Contigs included in annotation 88
RNAs 45
  1. *The genome size was also determined to be 2.2 Mb through Optical Mapping with the restriction enzyme NheI.