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Figure 4

From: Comparative genomics of the Bifidobacterium brevetaxon

Figure 4

B. breve carbohydrate profiling. a) Hierarchical clustering analysis performed on the phenotype observed in B. breve UCC2003, B. breve NCFB 2258, B. breve 12L, B. breve 2L, B. breve 31L, B. breve 689b, B. breve JCM 7017 and B. breve JCM 7019, B. breve S27 tested for growing on 24 sugars. b) The in silico prediction and numerical presence of all identified GH family members according to the Cazy classification in the eight fully sequenced B. breve strains. c) Heatmap showing the in silico gene-trait matching exercise performed on the 51 clusters that were derived from the hierarchical clustering analysis. The relative matching distance of each cluster is indicated with colour gradient and the main results are highlighted.

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