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Table 3 Bifidobacterium breve variable regions

From: Comparative genomics of the Bifidobacterium brevetaxon

Variable regions B. breveUCC2003 B. breveS27 B. breve689b B. breveNCFB 2258 B. breveJCM 7017 B. breveJCM 7019 B. breve12L B. breveACS-071-V-Sch8b
EPS cluster 2 Bbr_0430-0474 BS27_0430-0465 B689b_0425-0453 B2258_0400-0427 B7017_0382-0428 B7019_0391-0428 (B12L_0366-0393) (HMPREF9228_0447-58)
EPS cluster 1 Bbr_1786-1803 BS27_1781-1804 B689b_1819-1843 B2258_1811-1826 B7017_1982-2015 B7019_1956-1987 B12L_1718-1745 HMPREF9228_1868-92
CRISPR Bbr_1405-1411 BS27_1428-1434 - B2258_1384-1390 B7017_1609-1615 B7019_1592-1598 - HMPREF9228_1444-1451
R/M system 1 Bbr_0214-0216 BS27_0382-0383 B689b_1504-1505 B2258_0195-0196 B7017_0735-0736 B7019_0015-0016 B12L_1341-1346 HMPREF9228_1774-75
R/M system 2 Bbr_1118-1119 - - B2258_0357-0358 B7017_1663-1664 B7019_0077-0079 - -
R/M system 3 Bbr_1120-1121 - - - - B7019_0197-0198 - -
pil1 Bbr_0113-0115 BS27_0127-29 B689b_0101-0103 B2258_0100-0102 B7017_0130-0132 B7019_0110-0112 B12L_0104-0106 HMPREF9228_0113-15
pil2 Bbr_0365-0366 BS27_0354-55 B689b_0357-0358 B2258_0329-0330 B7017_0315-0316 B7019_0326-0327 B12L_0301-0302 HMPREF9228_0369-70
pil3 Bbr_1887-1889 - - B2258_1894-1896 B7017_2091-2093 - - -