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Table 6 KEGG (Kyoto encyclopedia of genes and genomes) pathways significantly enriched by target genes of 14 out of 17* differentially expressed miRNAs during E. coli or S. aureus challenge of MAC-T cells

From: Transcriptome microRNA profiling of bovine mammary epithelial cells challenged with Escherichia coli or Staphylococcus aureusbacteria reveals pathogen directed microRNA expression profiles

KEGG Pathways miR-365-3p miR-30b-5p/30c Let-7a-5p miR-23a miR-148a miR-24-3p miR-92a miR-193a-3p miR-423-5p miR-99b miR-499 miR-486 miR-2339
Immune system              
B cell receptor signaling pathway X X            
T-cell receptor signaling   X X           
Fc gamma R-mediated, phagocytosis/chemokine signaling X    X          
Signal transduction              
MAPK signaling pathway X X   X   X X X X     
ErbB signaling pathway   X X   X X        
Wnt signaling pathway X X   X X X   X      
TGF-beta signaling pathway    X X X X        
Calcium signaling pathway       X X   X     
Phosphatidylinositol pathway     X    X       
ECM-receptor interaction    X   X         
Cellular processes (transport and catabolism, cell motility, cell communication)      
Endocytosis   X   X   X        
Lysosome/apoptosis X   X           
Regulation of actin cytoskeleton X X   X X X X     X   
Cell cycle X   X   X   X       
P53 signaling pathway    X X X        X  
Adherens/tight junction     X          X
Focal adhesion   X X X X X        
Endocrine system              
Insulin signaling pathway    X       X     
Adipocytokine signaling pathway    X   X         
GnRH signaling pathway    X      X X     
Melanogenesis X      X     X    
Nervous system              
Long term potentiation X X      X    X    
Neurotrophin signaling pathway X X X X   X   X      
Development: Axon guidance   X X X X X    X   X X X
Metabolism: Glycerophospholipid metabolism/glycosphingolipid biosynthesis    X      X     
Human diseases              
Pathways in cancer   X X X X    X X X X X  
Colorectal cancer X X X X   X   X   X X   
Pancreatic cancer X   X X X         
Bladder cancer    X           
Prostate cancer X X X X X        X  
Small cell lung cancer X   X          X  
Non-small cell lung cancer X X X   X         
Thyroid cancer    X           
Renal cell carcinoma X    X X    X      
Endometrical cancer X   X           
Glioma X X X   X        X  
Melanoma X   X   X        X  
Type II diabetes mellitus   X X           
Chronic myeloid leukemia X   X X X         
Acute myeloid leukemia      X    X      
  1. *Results for miR-21-3p were ignored because only few target genes out of 78 were non-significantly enriched in two pathways (Neurotophin signaling pathway- 3 genes and Ubiquitin mediated pathway- 3 genes). Similarly, only 3 genes each out of 88 target genes for miR-184 were enriched (P > 0.05) in two pathways, Chronic myeloid leukemia and Prostate cancer and were ignored. The target genes for miR-un5, a newly identified miRNA in this study were not determined.