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Figure 3

From: Immunomic, genomic and transcriptomic characterization of CT26 colorectal carcinoma

Figure 3

Reactome pathways over-expressed in CT26 versus normal colon. Enriched Reactome pathways are displayed using Cytoscape ClueGO. Ribosomal associated genes are over-expressed in CT26; while they are part of the influenza gene set, we posit their over-expression reflects increased translational activity rather than an influenza-related process. For each gene set, Cytoscape ClueGo calculates a false-discovery rate statistic (FDR q-value) reflecting the likelihood of the given enrichment by chance: the pathways listed in the table those with a zero q-value. Each dot in the image represents a separate Reactome gene set. Gene sets with common members are placed proximally, grouped into common themes, colored the same and labeled. Q-values for enriched pathways, Cytoscape settings and gene membership are in the supplementary information.

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