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Table 1 Gene ontology enrichment of systemic responses to lice infection

From: Comparative transcriptomics of Atlantic Salmo salar, chum Oncorhynchus keta and pink salmon O. gorbuscha during infections with salmon lice Lepeophtheirus salmonis

  GO term No. genes p-value Fold enrich.
Atl up BP Protein folding 13 1.39E-05 4.7
  MF ATP binding 36 3.37E-04 1.8
  MF Metallopeptidase activity 7 1.00E-02 3.8
Atl down BP Amine metabolic process 13 6.58E-05 4.0
  MF Enzyme inhibitor activity 7 2.70E-03 4.9
Chm up BP Amine metabolic process 14 2.20E-05 4.2
  BP Protein folding 8 4.10E-03 3.9
  MF ATP binding 22 2.62E-02 1.6
Chm down BP Immune response 11 3.36E-04 4.0
  BP Response to virus 5 3.50E-03 7.7
  BP Antigen processing and presentation of peptide or polysaccharide antigen via MHC class II 4 3.08E-04 27.1
  MF Carbohydrate binding 8 4.10E-03 3.9
Pnk up BP Protein folding 13 7.90E-05 4.0
Pnk down BP Nitrogen compound biosynthetic process 15 8.42E-05 3.5
  BP Heme biosynthetic process 4 1.30E-03 16.9
  BP Erythrocyte development 4 1.30E-03 16.9
  BP Response to virus 5 2.05E-02 4.7
  BP Immune system process 16 3.37E-02 1.8
  1. Selected Gene Ontology categories enriched in responses occurring generally over the nine days of infection in Atlantic (Atl), chum (Chm), and pink (Pnk) salmon anterior kidney. BP, biological process; MF, molecular function.