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Table 2 Occurrence of the 20 most common Pfam domains in the predicted proteins of unique transcripts from cambium and differentiating xylem of C. japonica

From: Transcriptome sequencing and profiling of expressed genes in cambial zone and differentiating xylem of Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica)

Description of Pfam domain Number of C. japonica transcriptsa Pfam accession
Protein kinase domain 563 PF00069
NB-ARC domain 486 PF00931
Leucine-rich repeat 197 PF13855 (including PF07714)
Tyrosine kinase 174 PF07714
RNA recognition motif 173 PF00076
Cytochrome P450 171 PF00067
PPR repeat family 129 PF13041
UDP-glucoronosyl and UDP-glucosyl transferase 113 PF00201
Reverse transcriptase (RNA-dependent DNA polymerase) 110 PF00078 (including PF07727)
WD domain, G-beta repeat 102 PF00400
TIR domain 98 PF01582
DEAD/DEAH box helicase 91 PF00270
Alpha/beta hydrolase fold 82 PF12697
AAA proteins 80 PF00004
RING finger domain 78 PF13639
ATP-binding domain of ABC transporters 77 PF00005
Sugar (and other) transporter 72 PF00083
SET domain 67 PF00856
Mitochondrial carrier protein 65 PF00153
Protein phosphatase 2C 65 PF00481
  1. aProtein families were identified by BlastX searches with E-value <1e-10 in the Pfam database.