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Table 2 List of the five most strongly expressed genes

From: From root to fruit: RNA-Seq analysis shows that arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis may affect tomato fruit metabolism

Gene ID ITAG2.3_descriptions Description SL2.40 Mean read number Log2ratio MYC vs CONTR
Solyc07g049140.2.1 Metallocarboxypeptidase inhibitor Fruit-specific protein 200,347 -1,097
Solyc01g099190.2.1 Lipoxygenase Linoleate 9S-lipoxygenase B 149,420 -1,178
Solyc03g083910.2.1 Acid beta-fructofuranosidase Acid beta-fructofuranosidase 59,651 -1,635
Solyc07g064170.2.1 Pectinesterase Pectinesterase 1 55,636 -1,154
Solyc06g036290.2.1 Heat shock protein 90   29,385 1,066
Solyc04g011440.2.1 Heat shock protein 70 isoform 3 heat shock protein 26,164 0,826
  1. The listed genes represent the five most expressed genes among the DEGs. The selection was based on the mean number of reads in MYC and CONT fruits.