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Table 3 Gene function and pathway analysis of 31 differentially expressed genes between the mammary gland of two cows with high milk protein and fat percentage and two cows with low protein and fat percentage with IPA

From: Transcriptional profiling of mammary gland in Holstein cows with extremely different milk protein and fat percentage using RNA sequencing

Pathway Functional annotation p-value Gene
Lipid metabolism Export of cholesterol 3.36e-04 SAA1
Lipid metabolism Accumulation of beta-estradiol 6.73e-04 SAA1
Lipid metabolism Concentration of bile acid 6.38e-03 ATF3
Apoptosis of epithelial cell lines
Cell death of connective tissue cells
Cell death of epithelial cells
development of endothelial cell lines
Lipid metabolism Quantity of steroid 8.53e-03 ATF3, SAA1
Lipid metabolism Fatty acid metabolism 1.25e-02 TRIB3, SAA1
Lipid metabolism Efflux of cholesterol 2.27e-02 SAA1
Lipid metabolism Homeostasis of cholesterol 2.37e-02 SAA1
Lipid metabolism Metabolism of cholesterol 3.16e-02 SAA1