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Table 4 Correlation of qPCR expression with RNA-sequencing expression for selected genes

From: Transcriptome analysis identifies Bacillus anthracis genes that respond to CO2through an AtxA-dependent mechanism

Locus tag Name and/or function of product Pearson’s R P-Value
sRNA-1 Unknown 0.99 < 0.0001
GBAA_pXO1_0124 bslA, adhesin 0.99 < 0.0001
sRNA-2 Unknown 0.99 < 0.0001
GBAA0887 Eag, surface layer protein 0.89 0.0077
GBAA1639 GerN, germination protein 0.99 < 0.0001
GBAA2840 Transporter, putative 0.99 < 0.0001
GBAA4875 Universal stress protein family 0.86 0.0127
  1. For qPCR, gene expression was normalized to the expression of the housekeeping gene, GBAA3936, encoding aspartokinase. Sample Pearson correlation coefficients were calculated for each gene in all eight samples.