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Table 4 Regulatory targets of Nfib and Nr3c1 overlap significantly

From: An overlapping set of genes is regulated by both NFIB and the glucocorticoid receptor during lung maturation

  Activated Repressed
Nfib 340 171
Nr3c1 117 143
Observed overlap 52 22
Expected overlap 4.0 2.5
Overlap fold enrichment 13.1 9.0
Overlap enrichment p-value <10-46 <10-15
  1. The table shows the sizes of the sets of activated and repressed genes for NFIB and GR, the size of the overlaps of the gene sets, the expected overlap size, fold enrichment of the overlap and the p-value of the overlap enrichment. Note that to compute the enrichment p-value, we must consider only the genes for which we have expression data for both knockouts (9990 genes), so the numbers of activated/repressed genes in this table are different than the numbers reported for the individual knockouts.