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Table 1 Description of the ten most connected nodes in the co-association network

From: From SNP co-association to RNA co-expression: Novel insights into gene networks for intramuscular fatty acid composition in porcine

SNP/Gene Illumina Chip SNP Associated Traits Connections Consequence
ALGA0061664 ALGA0061664 3 376 Intergenic variant
SLC30A9 H3GA0024739 1 373 Intronic variant
SEMA3F DIAS0001129 3 370 Intronic variant
ARHGEF2 ASGA0021047 3 368 Downstream variant
NTRK3 MARC0045253 3 367 Intronic variant
ZFHX4 ALGA0025325 1 366 Intronic variant
SLC22A3 ALGA0117149 6 365 Intronic variant
ARMC4 ALGA0059185 4 356 Intronic variant
C9orf171 ASGA0008154 6 355 Intronic variant
PPP2R2A DIAS0004697 5 353 Splice region variant