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Table 2 Functional annotation statistics and expression data of contigs in CamemBank 01

From: Metatranscriptome analysis of fungal strains Penicillium camemberti and Geotrichum candidumreveal cheese matrix breakdown and potential development of sensory properties of ripened Camembert-type cheese

KOG category General function Yeasts [Y] Molds [M]
Metabolic pathway (Nb contigs/Nb reads)
  Metabolism and transport   
C   Energy 122/9,155 182/14,014
G   Carbohydrates (sugars and organic acids) 58/4,141 152/9,778
E   Amino acids 102/10,139 183/12,707
I   Lipids 43/2,239 131/4,974
  Cellular processes and signaling   
O   Post-translational modifications 122/5,678 147/9,153
T   Signal transduction 55/5,952 168/4,859
  Information storage and processing   
K   Transcription 40/3,933 102/4,126
J   Translation 190/37,614 240/41,001
A   RNA processing and modification 35/1,250 136/3,787
  Poorly characterized   
R   General function prediction only 91/4,420 402/23,419
S   Unknown function or no annotation 184/9,664 1887/108,840