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Table 5 Retained and lost genes in Chiifu, turnip and rapid cycling

From: Beyond genomic variation - comparison and functional annotation of three Brassica rapagenomes: a turnip, a rapid cycling and a Chinese cabbage

  Chiifu Turnip Rapid cycling
Genes with copy number changes 1,151 1,053 932
Retained genes 265 180 156
Lost genes 886 873 906
Retained|lost gene assigned to gene families 40|23 35|19 33|20
Genes present in unique and dispensable gene set, without at or th orthologs* 231 280 336
  1. Dispensable and unique genes having orthologs in A. thaliana or T. halophila were included to determine the retained and lost genes. The latest curated gene family assignment of A. thaliana genes from TAIR was used.
  2. * The number of B. rapa unique and dispensable genes without A. thaliana (“at”) or T. halophile (“th”) orthologous genes.