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Table 1 Summary of published soybean databases

From: SFGD: a comprehensive platform for mining functional information from soybean transcriptome data and its use in identifying acyl-lipid metabolism pathways

Database Content Source
SGMD [24] Genomic data, expressed sequence tags and microarray expression experiments, Proteomics of Oilseeds
SoyGD [23] Soybean physical map and genetic map using Gbrowse as platform
Soybean Full-length cDNA Database [29] 40,000 full-length sequences of cDNA clones
SoyDB [30] Soybean transcription factors
SoyTEDB [31] Soybean transposable elements
SoyBase [22] Comprehensive database for curated genetics, genomics, and related data resources developed by USDA-ARS
LegumeIP [32] Comparative genomics and transcriptomics database of model legumes
PlaNet [27] Whole-genome co-expression networks for seven important plant crop species
SoyKB [26] Integration of soybean omics data along with annotation of gene function and biological pathway
SoyXpress [25] Microarray expression data and expressed sequence tags [24]
Phytozome [33] Soybean genome sequence and gene annotation information
Soybean eFP Browser [34] Creates ‘electronic fluorescent pictographic’ representations of genes’ expression pattern
SoyProDB [35] Soybean seed proteins
GmGDB [36] Soybean genome and gene models
SoyPLEX [37] Soybean gene expression resource = Soybean